Wing Chun classes in London

By Internationally recognised and FFIA certified Instructor Sifu Paul Finn.



108 Wing Chun London is affiliated through Karasac Martial Arts with Internationally leading martial artists in the Ip Man Wing Chun and Lee Shing Wing Chun lineages (FFIA) UK Associate & Black Belt certified by Sifu Francis Fong.

We are also certified by the Inosanto Academy of Martial Arts to teach Kali, JKD, Jun Fan Gung Fu & Silat.


Sifu Paul Finn Stance

Sifu Paul Finn

Sifu Paul Finn founder of Karasac Martial Arts has had the privilege of being trained by some of the world's most legendary martial artists, such as: Guro Dan Inosanto, Sifu Francis Fong, Sifu Joesph Lee, Grandmaster Yip Chun, Grandmaster Danny Guba, Professor Seiji Morioka, Sifu Rick Faye, Guro Ibu Rita Suwanda.

Sifu Paul has been continuing his training in Wing Chun, frequently attending International seminars with Sifu Francis Fong and training closed door with Sifu Joesph Lee, eager to share this practical self defence to students of all abilities therefore forming 108 Wing Chun London as part of Karasac Martial Arts. The core of 108 Wing Chun London teaches the Ip Man and Lee Shing Wing Chun Lineage. Kali is taught using the comprehensive system developed by Guro Dan Inosanto & Jeet Kune Do Concepts (JKD) directly from Bruce Lee's close friend, student and instructor Guro Dan Inosanto and Silat is taught through the Pencak Silat Mande Muda system developed by Guro Ibu Rita Suwanda. 


108 Wing Chun Kune London

Why 108 Wing Chun London?


  • No obligation trail lessons - come and join in any class all abilities welcome. 
  • Wing Chun, Kali, Jeet Kune Do (JKD) and Silat classes in London & Kent , easily accessible by car and public transport. 
  • Two hour Wing Chun Silat, JKD and Kali classes during the week and weekends.
  • Realistic application of the techniques and traditional teaching of Wing Chun, Kali, Silat, JKD.
  • Expert tuition from an Internationally certified and recognised Sifu & Guro (authorised by FFIA & The Inosanto Academy and a leading exponent of Lee Shing Joseph Lee Wing Chun) 
  • Rgularly hosting events with Sifu Joseph Lee, Sifu Fransic Fong and Guro Rita Suwanda.
  • Great classes, no ego's, supportive atmosphere - check out our video's for a preview. 
  • State of the Art Training Facilities - fully equipped gyms in 3 separate locations in SE London & Kent.
  • Fun,Friendly & informative - small group classes.
  • Private tuition and seminars in all Arts available.
  • Regular Gradings - structured progression to enhance development and understanding.

Contact us for more information. 

Reviews from our Wing Chun Kung Fu students




Class Location


Wing Chun classes are held in London & Kent throughout the week and on the weekends. 

Our Wing Chun classes are held at three sites in London; Bromley, Hayes and Sidcup click here for more information.

Kali and Jeet Kune Do (JKD) London classes are held in Bromley and Sidcup, our Silat classes held in Hayes.


Sifu Paul regularly hold's and host's seminars, these seminars are highly sought after and very popular.  Previous seminars including Wing Chun with Sifu Joseph Lee, Sifu Francis Fong & Kali/Silat with Guro Rick Faye (MKG) - Contact us for more information.